Online Course

Job Application Coaching
for International Professionals seeking to land their Dream Job in Germany.

 6 weeks to inner fulfillment and a
job that you love!

 Are you ready to take your career
to the next level?

Job apPLICATION Online COurse

You want to establish a deep trust in yourself, the success of your applications documents as well as your confidence during the job interview?

 It is about giving yourself and your work a greater appreciation, improving your self-care, attracting more prospective customers and building a supportive money mindset.  

During the Group Coaching we will find out what your ideal job looks like, where you need to look for jobs, how to prepare your application documents, including CV and Cover Letter, to the point that you will be invited for a job interview.

Furthermore, we will dramatically improve your online presence on the most important Social Media channels for business networking, namely Linkedin and Xing.

Finally, we will dive into the preparation for the job interview, so that you feel confident and actually land that job.

You can sign up for the waiting list here.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase,

just take the first step.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.



I am Lisa Janz, Employability Coach, and I am specialised in preparing you for a job in Germany.

It is my job to help you find a career that makes you happy, and give you the tools you need to succeed in it.