My Dream Career In Germany_Job Coaching


It’s a 12-week coaching program that prepares you to find the next opportunity that’s a perfect fit for Your Career in Germany.

This is totally different from traditional job search programs. It works from the inside out and focuses on the whole person instead of simply assigning random job titles to match your qualifications.

Finding or creating a job that will give you the maximum level of personal fulfillment is the goal. The process has been used with great success to guide clients from the fields of business, IT, engineering, architecture, finance, consulting, politics, NGOs, education, and the arts into a fulfilling career. This coaching is the best program available for anyone requesting a career change at any stage of professional development – and especially when moving abroad and starting a new life in Germany.

The Dream Career Coaching process focuses on the client taking action and increasing self-awareness so that immediate and powerful results will occur. The key to getting exactly what you want from the coaching process is to stay true to what you learn during each session. You will gain a new and fresh perspectivepowerful solutionsvaluable resourceshelpful feedback and advice, and motivation for Your Dream Career in Germany.


6 Masterclass modules:

Module 1: Your ideal career profile 

Module 2: Writing your bespoke CV according to German standards

Module 3: Searching for your ideal job in Germany

Module 4: Writing individual cover letters according to German standards

Module 5: Extensive job interview preparation

Module 6: Follow Up on “open” applications & what happens after the interview


  • Regular live Q&A sessions via zoom with On-The-Spot Coaching
  • Access to an exclusive Slack group for continued accountability, support, and professional development
  • 1x live mock job interview session or 1:1 Coaching session (recorded for you to review)
  • Access to my toolbox: Full of curated resources, templates for your CV and cover letters, and scripts to help you nail your next negotiation and present your best self during a job interview – without the stress!
  • Discussing the entire application package as well as difference between classic & modern CVs

  • Support with modern application trends and discussing online vs. offline applications

  • Preparing Your Elevator Pitch for the Job Interview

  • Unsolicited/Prospective Application Training
  • What to keep in mind regarding Your Work Contract? 
  • What to do during the probation period? 
  • Support and resources in English and/or German

      This individual coaching program costs 3,497.00€


      3x installments of 1,200.00€ each month.
      (all taxes included)


      “Lisa’s incredible work and support has been key for my successful career move to Germanyeven securing a 50+% pay riseLisa has presented cultural sensibility and emotional intelligence to successfully tackle a variety of questions and useful tips around the complex German job market and selection processes. She has also tailored the job coaching to my specific needs and queries, providing services such as translations in nothing less than record time, and always in a friendly, supportive, knowledgeable manner. I recommend her services without reserves.”
      – Gabriel (Brazil)

      “The course was the best happening to me after having worked for 20 years for the same employer. I had no idea what is required for a good application and how application documents are supposed and allowed to look like nowadays. The coaching sessions prepared me very well in that sense and went beyond my expectations. Not only did I find my reason of being by thinking about my strengths, passion and visions and thus learned what job fields suit me best, Lisa also gave very useful tips to organize the job application process itself, had very good examples at hand out of her own job career which helped a lot and were a lot of fun, too. Last but not least, her kind and tireless support throughout the whole course increased my confidence and strength in finding the right, not just any job for myself!”
      – Ulrike (Germany)


        • Waking up in the morning feeling confidence and peace that you’re on the right path in your career 
        • Leaving your work at work in the evening with a sense of pride about all that you accomplished
        • Being inspired and motivated by your dreams rather than anxious or doubtful of how they’ll come to fruition
        • Knowing what your work is worth and effectively asking for it or negotiating for it
        • Building a professional reputation that speaks to your potential and invites growth opportunities
        • Talking about the work you do with a genuine smile on your face because of the purpose you feel in your work

      Wouldn’t that be amazing?


      I can help you achieve it.

      My name is Lisa Janz and I am an Employability Specialist for the German Labour Market.

      As a Job Coach, I support you with the creation of your application documents and I can prepare you for your job interview in the form of mock interviews. I am an accomplished HR Development Specialist with over nine years of experience in Germany and England, especially in the automotive and IT industry. Moreover, I have been teaching, tutoring, and simply sharing my knowledge in professional training sessions with individuals as well as groups for over 15 years – online and offline.

      My mission is to offer national and international professionals support throughout the entire application process. I have a passion for the future of work and I believe that all applicants should have equal opportunities to be invited to job interviewsconduct them confidently and thus win their dream job through strategy and extraordinary preparation. This is what drives me forward every day.


      “Thank you very much for the documents and even more for the wonderful session with you. You can’t imagine how elated I came out of our conversation – it was all so well thought out, comprehensive, and, above all, encouragingBomb!”
      – Kelly (USA)


        • Everyone interested in working in Germany.
        • Job Seekers in Germany: Are you currently unemployed or looking for a job in Germany? And you’re needing help framing your story for future opportunities?
        • Career Changers: Do you feel stuck in your career but not exactly sure how to take the next step? Do you feel uncertain about what careers would be a good fit for you?
        • Promotion Candidates: Do you want to improve your ability to articulate your value and achieve your growth goals at your company?
        • Recent Graduates: Have you been applying to dozens of job postings without even getting a response, or feel like you don’t have the minimum requirements for the jobs you want?
        • Side Hustlers: Are you craving more alignment in what you do out of passion, and what you do for money, but feel stuck in your current situation?

      If any of these sound like your situation, this coaching program is for you!


      “Lisa is an amazing coach. She’s got great team engagement abilities and an individual approach. In general, I had lots of fun during our calls.”
      – Ugur (Turkey)

      “Lisa is very kind, helpful, and encouraging. I like her coaching style and learned a lot. During the coaching, I already received an invite for a job interview. I can now say that I’ve landed my dream job in Germany. Thanks so much, Lisa.”
      – Emanuel (Peru)

      “Love, love, LOVE Lisa. Out of all the world-class instructors encountered thus far, she really went the extra mile in explaining and challenging us to really land our dream job in Germany.”
      – Linh Thi (Vietnam)