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Welcome to Germany


You’ve come to the right place. I help you with landing YOUR dream job here in Germany!

The right strategy in job application is as individual as your fingerprint. It always depends on what you as a person stand for, what the new job should enable you to do in your life and how you imagine your most fulfilling lifestyle in Germany.
So many important questions and the same strategy should help all applicants? I don’t think so!

Ready for the tea?

Are you asking yourself…

Why does nobody ever reply to my applications?

Am I sending the appropriate documents to German employers?

Why does it take them so long to answer after I’ve sent my application?

Where can I look for jobs in Germany?

Are there English speaking jobs in Germany?

Are there actually any open positions in my field of expertise?

How much money can I earn in my industry?

What will they ask in a job interview?

Why are there several rounds for the job interview?

Can I use my move to Germany for a career change?

How can I convince a potential employer after having recently shifted my career path?

I know exactly how you feel…

Desperate because you really want to move to Germany but you don’t know where to start.

Overwhelmed because the entire application process in Germany looks like a huge mountain to climb.

Left one your own and you don’t know whom to ask.

Not appreciated and not valued because you never receive any replies. 

Frustrated because if you receive a reply it’s a rejection.

Afraid that nobody in Germany will hire you.


Being Job Coach Germany, I support you in achieving your goals more easily, with more focus and with inner stability.
With a strong mindset, the right strategy and extraordinary preparation.


Lisa Janz

Employability Specialist for the German labour market with passion for the future of work

My mission is to offer national and international professionals support along the application process. The belief that all candidates should have equal opportunities to be invited to job interviews, conduct them confidently and thus win their dream job through strategy and extraordinary preparation is what drives me forward every day.

For a long time now, I have dreamed of a world in which people follow their hearts, especially when it comes to their job. Whenever I can help an applicant define their dream job and actually win it for themselves, I get one step closer to my vision.


Work with me

All taxes included.

I can support you in English as well as German or both.

If you decide to upgrade to a higher priced option at any point during your coaching, your initial payment will be deducted from the overall price. (Please contact me for the code at info@lisajanz.com)

I will accompany you with a variety of methods: I am a certified training instructor (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg & Chamber of Industry & Commerce Magdeburg).

In the center of my expertise and skills are my most important values: Empathy, Authenticity, and Fairness.


HAPPY Customers

“Lisa’s incredible work and support has been key for my successful career move to Germany
even securing a 50+% pay rise
Lisa has presented cultural sensibility and emotional intelligence to successfully tackle a variety of questions and useful tips around the complex German job market and selection processes. 
She has also tailored the job coaching to my specific needs and queries, providing services such as translations in nothing less than record time, and always in a friendly, supportive, knowledgeable manner.
I recommend her services without reserves.”

Gabriel from Brazil

“The course was the best happening to me after having worked for 20 years for the same employer.
I had no idea what is required for a good application and how application documents are supposed and allowed to look like nowadays.
The coaching sessions prepared me very well in that sense and went beyond my expectations.
Not only did I find my reason of being by thinking about my strengths, passion and visions and thus learned what job fields suit me best, Lisa also gave very useful tips to organize the job application process itself, had very good examples at hand out of her own job career which helped a lot and were a lot of fun, too. Last but not least, her kind and tireless support throughout the whole course increased my confidence and strength in finding the right, not just any job for myself!”

Ulrike from Germany